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View the profiles of people named Christian Schneider. Join Facebook to connect with Christian Schneider and others you may know. Facebook gives people. Christian-Schneider«in Facebook - Finden Sie alle Informationen ✓ zur Person im sozialen Netzwerk. [25] Benjamin Grossers Kunstprojekt Facebook Demetricator zählt weder zu Facebook in Christian Fuchs' Social Media: A Critical Introduction (London ), S. –, hier: [29] Manfred Schneider: Transparenztraum, Berlin Christian Schneider Facebook

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In this article I present some thoughts about generic detection of XML eXternal Entity XXE vulnerabilities during manual pentests supplemented with some level of automated tests.

The ideas in this blog post derived from experiences of several typical and untypical XXE detections during blackbox pentests can easily be transformed into a generic approach to fit into web vulnerability scanners and their extensions.

This is done by demonstrating an example of where service endpoints that are used in a non-XML fashion can eventually be accessed with XML as input format too, opening the attack surface for XXE attacks.

Since modern authentication frameworks like JAAS in combination with current JavaEE application servers try to mitigate the Session Fixation attack scenario out-of-the-box, one might assume that this attack vector is mostly relevant for custom developed login schemes.

Unfortunately during my pentests of applications, which properly change the session identifier upon login, I still find Session Fixation attack scenarios.

These often arise from the misconception that the login process is the only workflow of an application that adds from an attacker's point of view significant value to a shared anonymous session.

In this article I showcase typical scenarios regularly found during pentests where unauthenticated Session Fixation attacks occur and how they can be exploited by targeting application workflows aside from the login process.

The relatively new HTML5 WebSocket technique to enable full-duplex communication channels between browsers and servers is retrieving more and more attention from developers as well as security analysts.

Using WebSockets developers can exchange text and binary messages pushed from the server to the browser as well as vice versa.

During some experiments and pentests with WebSocket backed applications in the last few months I came across a scenario where developers might use WebSockets in a way to open up their applications to a vulnerability I call Cross-Site WebSocket Hijacking CSWSH , which I will present in this short blog post.

During penetration tests CSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery vulnerabilities are typical findings, although proper protection concepts with tokens are well known.

In this short blog post I will present some tips on protecting against CSRF attacks even when XSS vulnerabilities exist in other applications running same-origin with the targeted application.

I try to put some light on the actions performed by those buttons and how they track users around the web, even when they don't click those buttons.

Yet this strategy assumes your book falls into a specific category — a tricky proposition, as many agents represent different styles of books.

Which is why I am taking this afternoon to punch random people in the face and include their reactions in the first chapter.

If a book company wants to front my bail money as my advance, we can work that out. Naturally, sensitive writers trying to classify their works is always an exercise in self-delusion.

Of course, while this is all going on, you have to ask people to read the book to see if another living human being other than you can stand it.

So choose who you give it to carefully. Further, you should know that once you foist your book on someone to read, that person will likely disappear completely to avoid having awkward conversations with you about your novel.

In fact, you should really ask people you hate to read your stuff, as it will guarantee you will never hear from them again.

It is true, this is an option in the world of the intertubes. But then again, e-books still do have the taint of not having been accepted by a real, live book company.

The fact that a publisher saw what you wrote and stamped it with its imprimatur is a big selling point; by releasing an e-book, you are dropping a teaspoon full of words in an Atlantic Ocean of literary excrescence.

Best case scenario, I finally find an agent, the book sells well, and this post ends up making me look stupid.

Until then, I will continue to endure this soul-deadening experience with the knowledge that even J. Rowling was turned down by dozens of agents and publishers before she finally got her break.

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. For nearly a year here on the Western front, I have longed to once again gaze upon your honeyed visage.

As the nights fall to below freezing in our fetid trench, my memories of you are all I have to warm my heart. And I cannot say how long that will be enough to keep me alive during this, the greatest of all wars.

As we continue to pound away at the German lines, the unmistakable specter of death has us surrounded.

My company loses a dozen men a day from German cannon fire, sniper attacks, disease, or from the cold. The only positive thing to happen in the past month was the time a barely-clothed woman leapt from our trench and defeated an entire German battalion by herself armed with only a shield, a sword, and some bullet-resistant arm cuffs.

Otherwise, the smell of corpses is beginning to overwhelm our trench. Desperation has taken hold of our men — even late at night, we can still hear the cries of our brothers left wounded on the battlefield, begging for their mothers and wives.

Their final pleadings are close enough to hear, yet they are too far to attend to. It is almost enough for some healthy men to wish for a swift death themselves, rather than having to endure another day in this nightmare.

Perhaps I should provide some more clarification about my previous reference to the comely, near-naked woman who ended up killing hundreds of Germans by herself.

Having drawn the attention of the Hun, we were able to then attack and defeat their heavily fortified line, providing the Allied powers with a rare victory indeed.

Yet despite this temporary victory, few men have hopes of ever winning the war. The Germans will stop at nothing to crush France, Britain and the United States on their path to world domination.

To many, this was a war begun by the assassination of a worthless archduke nephew of an equally worthless emperor; and yet troops are seeing their best mates cut down in the prime of their lives.

We can only hope that the Lord blesses our mission with his divine grace to stop the barbarism being inflicted on Europe by the Kaiser.

The weird thing is, why were the Germans shooting at the most beautiful woman in the world while she was completely unarmed?

If you looked hard enough, you could see a pretty solid side-boob — why would an entire battalion rain all their gunfire on this glorious figure while completely ignoring the hundreds of Allied troops carrying their own guns and rushing towards the German trench?

Anyway, I may have gotten sidetracked there for a moment. It is a question left only for the history books.

Hopefully future volumes will tell of the heroism of the men fighting in the Great War and the blood they have shed to free the world from the shackles of imperialism.

I am willing to die for our cause — with God on our side, what glory awaits! My pencil is getting dull, so one final note — once the war is complete, my commander has commissioned me and several of my comrades on a mission to Themyscira, an island that is…um… evidently very dangerous and is of vital strategic importance.

As it is the birthplace of this wondrous woman, it must be defended at all costs, as there are no men on the entire island.

It is a mission of such prestige, literally every man in my battalion has volunteered for service!

What a brave sacrifice we are all willing to make! I must leave you now, dear Mabel. Please do not weep if you do not hear from me again.

In my remaining days, my mind will be busy thinking of you, my own mortality, the morality of war, and what it would be like to perform battlefield CPR on literally the most unbelievable woman in the world.

I told him I presumed I would talk about the usual things I discuss with my liberal friends.

Sports, movies, music, sandwiches, girls, work, funny drinking stories, how I got the scars I have, why dogs are great, mustaches, World War I, Twitter, Harley Davidson motorcycles, what animals you think you can beat in a fight, etc.

All the usual stuff. The lesson, of course, is that as regular people moving around in the world, we all have interests that may overlap or diverge, but that have nothing to do with political affiliation.

But aside from politics, who knew Hemingway played in a rock band in Seattle in the early s, or that he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of grunge music?

As a lifelong Cornell fan, I immediately felt a kinship with Hemingway in a way I never had before. And the same goes with progressives that began popping up on my social media timelines telling their stories about their Chris Cornell fandom.

In , I saw Soundgarden in Milwaukee when they shared a bill with Blind Melon and Neil Young; it was just after Cornell shaved off his famous long locks of hair, and thinking he looked awesome, I went right home and did the same thing.

He looked like a badass — I looked like an eraser. It is incumbent on people who have ideas about government to fight for their convictions, and conflict is an important part of the system of checks and balances.

But for too many people, politics is now all we know about them, and it makes them far easier to dismiss. And you might be missing and important connection with someone who shares your thoughts, as weird as they may be.

In the early days of the internet, scientists marveled at its potential to bring people together; instead, it has fractured us over political lines.

Another year, another list of my favorite albums. As always, these have been carefully selected through a strict scientific method; now that I have taken the lab coat off and turned off all the Bunsen burners, these are the 10 albums the formula yielded.

My love for Laura Gibson is well documented. Over a year ago, her New York home burned down, taking many of her valuable instruments with it.

Unapologetic psychedelic rock devoid of nuance. They manage the rare feat of capturing the frantic energy of their live shows on their recordings.

Came out in January of and remained a lock for my Top 10 all year. Plus, the world needed to hear the late Phife Dawg one last time. Another stellar guitar-pop album from L.

Every song an earworm, front to back. A sprawling album in which each song winds into the next, mixing disco, hip-hop, soul and general silliness.

But the album deserves all the praise heaped on it during the year — it checks all the boxes that make an album great.

And the fact that Radiohead is still breaking new ground after two decades makes it all the more remarkable. It was March of , and the show was on in the morning, while the game was in the afternoon.

What if people wanted to talk to me about politics? I briefly considered wearing some sort of disguise. When I got to the game, in looking for my seats, I walked from one end of the stadium to the other.

I received not a single look, not a comment. I then retraced my steps, walking the length of the stadium and back again.

Still nothing. It appears my instant fame had somehow gone missing. Lisa Manna, who used to be a morning anchor in Green Bay, told me she once received a manila envelope filled with pornographic pictures.

The eyes were scribbled out and her name was written on the women. The pictures were accompanied by a letter detailing the things this man would do to her, which earned her a police escort to work.

One female reporter who does frequent live reports from downtown told me there are some people who will watch the broadcast, then rush over to where she is to confront her about something she reported.

Small cadres of anonymous critics frequently whip up online fiction in an attempt to demean me. Would they say that to my face? Do I actually unknowingly talk to any of these people on a regular basis in real life?

Did I ever actually really know that person? Typically, being a notable person is seen as a trade-off; you put up with people recognizing you in exchange for wealth or influence.

But trust me, the marginally recognizable enjoy neither of these advantages. The merely notable are resigned to having a drink, rolling up in a blanket, and watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies, helping him in his quest to buy an extra island.

I do have several advantages, however. The picture that accompanies my photo in the newspaper was taken before I needed glasses.

And as Superman has taught us, throw on a pair of thick rims and literally nobody — not even your love interests — can recognize you any more.

Oddly, enough, ancillary stardom is something more and more people now seek. Now, more people seem to believe fame is an end in itself.

Not for me. Of course, none of this is enough to keep me from doing what I love for a living. As I exited my youth and aged into my thirties, and now forties, I felt much the same.

How nice it would be to once again get out of bed without my ankles shooting pain through my legs. My belly button has begun to flee my abdomen as if it had just robbed a bank.

At age 42, a good bit of every day is devoted simply to being a human in the world — exercising, trying to eat well, finding new places I need to shave — all things one takes for granted in the prime of youth.

I feel like they should build a statue of me outside my house every time I successfully get my socks on. I worked primarily as a waiter, stuffing dollar bills in my back pocket after a shift.

The extent of my money management skills was knowing it was better to bounce one big check rather than a series of smaller checks, since you only have to pay the one-time bad check fee.

That is, unless you are trying to be an Ironic Drinker, in which case the worse the beer, the higher your stature.

Drink all the year old scotch you want — a couple of ibuprofen before you go to bed, and you wake up ready to wrestle an alligator.

If college students figured this out, it would bankrupt them all. Whenever I go back and read a column I wrote just a week earlier, I think of all the things I learned in the days since it was published.

And it feels like someone else entirely wrote the column. Of course not. To surrender my experiences would be to entirely change who I am now, which is way too risky of a proposition.

This seems different for young women, who are more open to dating older men. But as you age, you begin to find women your own age attractive — your preferences grow older along with you.

So when you get to your 40s, more people are attractive. Younger women are attractive, older women are attractive. In my 20s, I spent a lot of time experimenting with things out of my comfort zone.

I listened to all the music I could get my hands on, no matter how avant garde; at one point in college, I found myself listening to a CD of a German band who made music by banging on shopping carts with spoons.

You are free to do what you wish with the few remaining years you have on this earth. Your time left on this mortal coil is too valuable to dabble in ephemera.

And the wonder of having kids narrowly cancels out the glory of not having them. People generally think that having and raising children is a selfless act.

Further, having kids immediately brings clarity and focus to your life. No matter how disjointed or scattered your life was up to that point, once a child emerges, you know exactly what the purpose of your life is.

From then on, you cease to be the author of your own biography — your life story is being written by a pound human. And your only reason for existing is to take care of that mini-you.

It is true, that when you age, you have perspective. If any one emotion characterizes youth, it is the belief that one is the axis upon which the universe turns.

But the older you get, the more you see the world around you and grasp your relative insignificance. You just sip your expensive alcohol and enjoy the ride.

Perhaps this one is more personal, but not only do I like being old, I like being old exactly at this time in history.

I can find my way to places without using GPS, and I can have arguments without having to dive into my iPhone for information to back me up.

I love that when I was ten, my parents would kick me out of the house with instructions only to be back by dinner time — a practice that led to a great deal of tree climbing, garter snake handling, fort building, and basketball shooting.

But being older and having a strong connection to a specific era with someone else is actually a pretty decent stand-in for long-term friendship.

Meeting someone your age and realizing they, too, thought Pearl Jam was overrated is a solid foundation for future friendship; and the older you are, the more cultural touchstones you are able to share with other people.

The young can have their youth — I have my memories. If only I could remember them. We talked primarily about Gov. But this story, which is absolutely true, really caught my eye.

According to the article, Milwaukee police detectives Jacob Laubenheimer and Harry Ridenour were paging through the newspaper one day when they saw the following advertisement:.

Opportunity to travel all over the world. Thinking the ad was a bit too good to be true, Laubenheimer and Ridenour headed down to the agency to pose as potential enrollees.

There they met Brightley Severinghaus, who claimed to be the head of the agency. Laubenheimer then paid Severinghaus, and after receiving a receipt, put him under arrest.

For some reason, this made me laugh for a good couple of hours. Every two years, the Wisconsin Assembly issues an activity book for schoolchildren.

The cartoon follows his traditional journey, from hearings held on his merits, to committees voting him out, to both houses of the Legislature passing him before sending him to the governor to become law.

Having lost control of the Legislature and the governorship, Wisconsin Democrats have added another step: To become law, Bill must first pay a visit to the Dane County Circuit Court.

Dane County has the distinction of not only being the home of state government; it is also indisputably one of the most politically liberal counties in America.

This is a problem not just for poor Bill, but also for the unfortunate citizens around Wisconsin who elect Republicans to the state Assembly, Senate and governorship.

The ballots of millions are counteracted by the vote of one robed master elected by a strongly progressive electorate, whose elevated position is not earned by any specific legal skill or expertise, but instead his or her proximity to State Street.

In fact, until recently, any lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin had to be filed in Dane County, giving its Circuit Court an elevated importance over any other local court in the state.

For instance, the federal court in Marshall, Texas, has been traditionally known to be friendly to those seeking money for patent infringements, and large companies from around the nation typically end up in this small Texas town.

Quick trials and plaintiff-friendly juries are the norm in Marshall as is its annual Fire Ant Festival , making it a popular vacation spot for lawyers.

Of course, picking a friendly federal appeals court is tricky, given that you have to predict what the lower courts are going to do.

But those looking for anti-business outcomes are generally served well by filing cases in the jurisdiction of the notoriously liberal 9th U.

Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers nine western states. In , the U. Supreme Court either reversed or vacated 19 of the 26 cases it reviewed from the 9th Circuit; two years earlier, the supremes shot down 94 percent of its cases.

The Dane County Circuit Court has proven itself another great haven for liberal venue shoppers.

In March , it found itself in the middle of a national controversy when Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne filed a lawsuit attempting to block implementation of Gov.

Unable to prevail legislatively, Democrats attempted to sink the bill in the courts. On March 16, seven days after the Wisconsin Senate passed the collective bargaining bill, Ozanne filed a lawsuit seeking not to overturn the law, but to prevent it from being published in the first place.

On May 25, attorneys at the state Department of Justice sent Sumi a letter indicating that they might seek her recusal. The very next day, Sumi issued her opinion striking down the law in its entirety.

Christian Schneider Facebook Governors, on the other hand, routinely ascend to the link, as voters appear to see their executive experience on the state level as a Christian Schneider Facebook dry run. In fact, until source, any lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin had to be filed in Dane County, giving its Circuit Court an elevated importance over any other local court in the state. The merely notable are resigned to having Ritterspiele Online drink, rolling up in a blanket, and watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies, helping him in his quest to buy an extra island. When I was finally rendered incapacitated, you would saw off my arms, legs, and head, put them all in a garbage bag, and drive them out to a marsh to bury my detached body. As the nights fall to below freezing in our fetid trench, my memories of you are all I have to warm my heart. Another stellar guitar-pop album from L. My talk introduced a SecDevOps Maturity Model SDOMM of different stages of automated security testing and presented concrete examples of how to achieve each stage with open source click at this page tools.

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